At Limit Infinity, we take pride in the fact that we are one of the fastest growing sports tech companies in the UK.

Through our products, be it ‘Banter Box’ which is a social media app for football fans to share banters, or ‘Number of Things’ which is a digital sports, health and lifestyle magazine, we reach out to more than 100k users all across the UK every day. A commendable feat for a 2-year-old startup situated in a small yet beautiful city of Chandigarh.

Like every other startup though, the journey from zero users to a hundred thousand users has been a bumpy ride. There have been severe challenges that we have faced and navigated through to reach the point where we are, and many more are still there which we need to tackle before we can call ourselves successful.

In the coming few paragraphs, we will be discussing few of these critical challenges, how we were able to handle them (both technical and non-technical), and how we plan on building for the future. Along the way, we will also highlight a few of the grave mistake we have made that might have totally destroyed us if it weren’t for the resilience and unity of the team.

Chandigarh, where we operate from, is a small yet beautiful city in the northern part of India. The city was designed as a model for next-generation cities by the legendary French architect Le Corbusier and thus is pretty much of an architectural masterpiece. It’s also known for its ‘Rock Garden’, a garden carved out from a huge piece of rock.

No matter how many things the city might be famous for, Starts Ups aren’t one of those.

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