Our Team

Navneet Kumar Sinha

As a computer scientist and an amazing leader, Navneet serves as Chief Executive Officer of our organization. He has published various international papers in the field of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence and is the main man behind all our products as well as research and development initiatives.

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Sheetanshu Shekhar

Along with being Chief Operating Officer at Limit Infinity, Sheetanshu serves as one of the board members at NIT Calicut, which is considered one India’s best technical institutes. At our organization, Sheetanshu spearheads our strategy, operations and marketing efforts and is committed to every value and objective Limit Infinity stands for.

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Jatin Kumar

Jatin is our Chief Product Officer and a top designer. After graduating in Computer Science, he completed his degree in design from California Institute of the Arts, Santa Clarita, California and before joining Limit Infinity, worked on research projects related to Nuclear energy generation and Language theories at National Institute of Science Communication And Industrial Research – CSIR, New Delhi.

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Karan Dubey

Karan Dubey is the heart and soul of our organization. An amazing sportsman to the core, Karan acts as our Chief Content Officer, and under his guidance, Limit Infinity has been able to establish itself as one of the leading sports content platforms in the world.

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